Y2Y’s Second Summer Season NEWSLETTER


August, 2018

Y2Y finished its second summer season thanks to the commitment of 10 student staff members who worked hard to serve 79 unique guests. With this eight-week summer season we can officially say we are open 238 days a year! 

This summer was particularly exciting as guests and student staff kayaked on the Charles, spent a memorable night out at the Taylor Swift concert (thanks to partner Bridge Over Troubled Waters sharing free tickets), learned to cook with local chefs, and piloted a summer job program.

Stories from the Summer

A Y2Y guest recently shared this opinion with a student staff member and we wanted to share it with you! Thanks to your support Y2Y’s youth-to-youth model has fostered a safe and affirming space at Y2Y Harvard Square where young adults are mutually supportive and work together to ensure that the options available to guests are really the options they’d like. 

Photograph by Lorem Ipsum via Unsplash

Ben, pictured left second from the left, has been with Y2Y since the very beginning. This summer, Ben served as the Staff Director. While his primary responsibility was to support the professional needs of his fellow Directors, he says that the most rewarding part of his role was realizing that the whole team had developed personal ties too.

SUP Summer Science

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This summer Y2Y launched a pilot summer job program with the help of our partner the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA). Every summer PBHA coordinates the Summer Urban Program (SUP), a vibrant network of 11 summer day camps and an evening ESL program that engages over 1,000 of Greater Boston’s youth and teens.

This summer, through a project funded by The Boston Foundation, two guests from the Y2Y community were able to contribute their talents to SUP as members of the Summer Science team. Through Summer Science they delivered weekly activity based experimental science lessons on everything from chemical reactions to making ice cream!

Both of the young adults received a stipend and professional development opportunities as part of the program. Based on the feedback, we are happy to say it was a successful pilot! We look forward to continuing to develop unique employment partnerships like this in the future.

Super Friendly Toast Fundraiser

From August 31 through September 13, $1 from every Hash Quiche and Doughnut Stop Believing, will be donated to Y2Y.
We are so excited to partner with The Friendly Toast for a delicious fundraiser.

Head to the 1 Kendall Square location today, order one of these items, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from eating good, and doing good, all at once!

“The youth-to-youth model at Y2Y creates an environment that is safe and affirming – not only for guests but also for the student staff who spend so much time at the shelter”

Thanks to Converse!

Y2Y staff were thrilled to pick up another generous donation of more than 880 pounds of new and stylish shirts, shoes, jackets, skirts and more from Converse. A big thank you to the team there, including Liza Lanphier and Maddie Cook, for making this possible!

Join the Y2Y Team

Y2Y is growing and looking for someone to fill the role of Impact Coordinator! If you know someone with skills in data collection, salesforce, and experience with program and data evaluation, please feel free to share this exciting opportunity.

“Y2Y has so far gotten this reputation of one heck of a safe haven. I feel so safe. We love it here as youth. We feel safe, we feel provided for, and here there are obviously options”.

Y2Y would not be able to operate so seamlessly without the help of our entire community. We are extremely grateful for your continued financial support, in-kind donations, hours spent volunteering at the shelter, and invaluable mentorship. Thank you for being part of this community, and for making our work possible!

With gratitude,

Sam Greenberg and Sarah Rosenkrantz
Co-Founders | Y2Y

(617) 864-0795

955 Massachusetts Ave, #424
Cambridge, MA 02139


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